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Plan B - Jupiter Broadcasting's Bitcoin show live now.

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Podcasts / shows on bitcoin

I know these posts pop up from time to time, but it doenst hurt to get some updated views on this! I just recently discovered Jupiter Broadcastings bitcoin show on youtube and I loved the few shows I heard so far, yet I am also sad that it's not currently running anymore. So I was wondering what other shows that is running that I might be missing out on. It's a nice change of pace to not exclusively read about bitcoin all the time.
So, you know, share your non-text sources! :)
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Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency | Ask Noah 39 | Jupiter Broadcasting

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Bitcoin for Linux Users | LUP 226 | Jupiter Broadcasting

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Brand new (and very good) show on Bitcoins - BETA | Plan B Bitcoin Show: Episode 1 (Jupiter Broadcasting)

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Jupiter Broadcasting looking for a co-host for a new Bitcoin podcast. Apply here...

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BETA | Plan B Bitcoin Show Episode 1 (From Jupiter Broadcasting - Linux Action Show, Coder Radio, etc)

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X-Post from r/LinuxActionShow, Jupiter broadcasting wants to start a new bitcoin podcast and is looking for a co-host!

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(1/614): Robert Kraft

Proof that I actually sent this email
I didn't really have a reason to pick Robert Kraft as my first target; maybe it was the low-hanging jokes available to make about him. At any rate, here's the email I sent to the email available on the Kraft Group website.
"Dear Kraft Group,
I am writing to ask Mr. Robert Kraft, head of your organization, for a one-time payment of $1000. I would appreciate the opportunity to communicate with Mr. Kraft directly, but you can judge from this email if you feel that would be appropriate.
I would like to begin by clarifying that this email is not an attempt to extort money in exchange for anything. To be clear, I am not a current or former employee of the Orchids of Asia Spa in Jupiter, Florida, or any other organization from which Mr. Kraft has solicited illegal sexual favors. I am also not writing to offer any such services—though I can assure you, were I offering such services, they would not be of a quality meriting any financial compensation. I am merely a recent college graduate seeking free money from billionaires.
I am sure that at this point you are wondering why I have decided to ask Mr. Kraft for this money. The reason is simple: curiosity. According to an October 2019 Forbes article (which I did not read but saw as a source on Wikipedia), there are 621 billionaires in the United States. I want to see if any of them will actually give me, a person they have never heard of, $1000. I am happy to report that Mr. Kraft is the first billionaire I have contacted to ask for money, meaning that he could easily be the first billionaire to actually contribute money to me. If this were to happen, I would broadcast this information to all of my 365 Facebook friends, as well as anyone who decides to follow me on this endeavor. This PR would no doubt boost Mr. Kraft’s public profile immensely. Also, if Mr. Kraft wishes to never hear from me again, $1000 is very much more than enough for me to leave him alone permanently.
If at this point Mr. Kraft is wondering if he can afford to pay me $1000, the answer is a resounding “yes.” I have no idea how liquid Mr. Kraft’s assets are, but going off of Mr. Kraft’s net worth (per Google) of a hilarious $6.9 billion dollars, I am almost positive Mr. Kraft has the cash on hand. Assuming Mr. Kraft actually had $6.9 billion in cash, $1000 would represent .00001% of his cash. Further, if we were to assume I live for exactly 50 more years, $1000 times 18262 days (365 * 50 plus 12 leap days) represents a commitment of $18,262,000. Even this amount is a mere .2% of Mr. Kraft’s net worth; with all of his assets in cash, Mr. Kraft could afford to pay 500 different people $1000 per day for 50 years. However, I am not asking for this arrangement (though I would not turn it down if Mr. Kraft offered it). I am simply asking for a one-time payment of $1000.
The next question I would expect Mr. Kraft to ask is “how would this person spend this $1000?” Obviously, a lot of this money would go to monthly expenses (gas, rent, groceries, etc). So, to present a better picture of what my discretional spending looks like, I have prepared a graph of my typical non-recurring monthly expenses:
See graph
My financial expenditures are very much seasonal, but I believe this graph presents a reasonably good profile of what my spending looks like. This graph obviously does not account for things I cannot currently afford but would like to have. If Mr. Kraft were to pay me $1000, a good portion of that money would likely be invested into dogs (I currently own 0 but would like at least 3), bitcoin, and additional Onlyfans subscriptions.
In closing, I want to thank Mr. Kraft in advance for his consideration. I realize that I literally bring nothing to the table, as I am not offering any services in exchange for the money I request (besides leaving Mr. Kraft alone if desired). But I believe that Mr. Kraft, a man who built a massive fortune and exceedingly successful sports franchise, will recognize the hustle that went into putting together this pitch. As the kids say, game recognizes game. Thank you for your time."
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⟳ 870 apps added, 78 updated at f-droid.org

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⟳ f-droid.org from Wed, 26 Feb 2020 20:21:50 GMT updated on Sun, 01 Mar 2020 05:23:29 GMT contains 2962 apps.
Added (870)
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Linux Action News 31

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Some suggestions for Plan B.

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A Game Changer For Crowd Funding

I Have posted about steemit.com before,
but today July 4th steemit made it's payout and i have seen it WORKS and i want to post again.
And i really want you guys/gals to check it out for yourselves.
i am very very excited about this platform.
If you are a Developer, Hobbyist working on free software can you please take a look at this platform.
user's can now tip the developers of there favorites apps, projects, content ... etc, by simply upvoting a post.
Steemit.com use's markdown, it should take no time for developers to make a post on steemit similer to the README.md pages on github.
Its a opensource platform and is on github, License
Its also an idea platform for JupiterBroadcasting to post it's content, not all of us can support JB on patreon pr paypal.
I know i sound like a fanboy (i am), but i REALLY FEEL this platform is a Game Changer for funding.
Its like bitcoin, you won't get it till you try it! Please give it a try before you judge it.
WhitePaper pdf link
Quick video explanation on youtube
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2 Bitcoin questions; How Satoshi's work and a future with a government crypto currency?

Hi Chris and Drew,
I'd like to ask 2 questions please, I know I know taking liberties.
  1. If I understand correctly, people can make payments with fractions of a Bitcoin called Satoshi's, but what I find hard to understand is how a Bitcoin (or the mathematical answer for each coin) can be split up and how that splitting up is tracked and managed. Also wouldn't everyone splitting up coins into fractions cause the system to go slower?
  2. Would the government introducing their own crypto currencies convince more of the general public to start using crypto currencies, as the general public seem to still trust governments/banks (obviously never seen Unfilter before), and do you think the government could leverage their power to then make it even harder for none government tracked crypto currencies?
The Plan B show is always good, as is all the shows on the Jupiter Broadcasting Network, but Chris do take care of yourself and don't run yourself into the ground with all these shows. Hope all goes well with the new arrival.
Thanks, SlashDotTom
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Jupiter Broadcasting - YouTube BETA  Plan B Bitcoin Show Episode 1 Bitcoin Explained  TechSNAP 9 The end of Bitcoin  Ask Noah Show 42 Bitcoin - The Basics and the Bandwagon

‎Plan B is a weekly talk show contemplating the future and present of Bitcoin. With insights for the novice, shop talk for the expert, and opinionated discussion for the interested observer of bitcoin and related technologies. iTunes – Plan B by Jupiter Broadcasting ; Call or txt the Show: 1 (352) 587-5262 (352) 58-PLANB — Discussion — Bex.io Own your own Bitcoin Exchange; We do the tech. You do the rest. Bex removes all the technical complexity of running a Bitcoin Exchange. Erik Voorhees – The Role of Bitcoin as Money – Bitcoin 2013 Conference Jupiterbroadcasting might start a show about Bitcoin. They are looking for someone to co-host the show. /u/ChrisLAS runs the network Jupiterbroadcasting and he expressed an intrest in the show idea on the last episode. If you want to apply there is a form to fill out. Please go check out their show's they're very entertaining and informative. 22 comments. share. save hide report ... Überprüfen Sie, ob jupiterbroadcasting.com ein Betrug Website oder eine sichere Website ist. Ermitteln Sie, ob jupiterbroadcasting.com ist ein Betrug, betrügerische oder infiziert mit Malware, Phishing, Betrug und Spam, wenn Sie Aktivität haben [email protected]; Legend of the Stoned Owl; Linux Action Show; MMOrgue; Plan B; Rover Log; SciByte; STOked; Tech Talk Today; TechSNAP; TORked; Unfilter; User Error; Women’s Tech Radio; Buttered-Up Fedora LINUX Unplugged 377. Fedora 33 is a bold release, and we’ve put it through the wringer. We tell you wh... October 27, 2020. Linux Action News 160. Ubuntu 20.10 is out, with official ...

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