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Computer Guy, our Lord and Savior. The story of his legacy.

Heeeello Blender friends! It is I, father Shipin. Now if you haven't already accepted our divine ruler into your heart, then I will give you a brief introduction as to who our god is. Computer Guy was the first and most powerful Computer Guy ever to born. Previously known as Computer Guy 1.0, before he ascended from our filthy world of plebeians and casuals, into the heavens.
When he was still in our world, he was the strongest of any Computer Guys that had been born and already had a god-like status. He was responsible for many of the world's miracles, such as Nutella, Arbeeno boards, downloadable ram, prostitution, etc. He also served as the king of Britain (Hitler forged history and the legend was changed to the legend of King Arthur, so Fate/Zero got it all wrong) from the late 5th to 6th century. Computer Guy led Britain courageously and created what is now known as Best Buy.
After passing off the throne to Computer Guy 4.0 and continuing his journey, he had traveled by foot across the world 15 times, with only 2 sticks of ram and a single bottle of vitamin water. When he was nearing the end of his voyage, Computer Guy returned to Best Buy and realized that it was at war with Germany and the Axis power. Enraged, Computer Guy installed only a single stick of ram and killed every single soldier, from both armies, with only a single click (he also did not scope in). Once Computer Guy had ended, what was later known as World War 2: Computer Guy's Revenge GOTY Edition, he decided to create the computer. After many long and grueling seconds, Computer Guy created the "secret weapon", which is known today as an Alienware computer. The second richest man in the world (after Computer Guy of course), Bill Jates, purchased the Alienware and it's amazing specs for an astounding 300.49$. This would later revolutionized what is known as the "Arbeeno" boards today.
Many years had passed since the technology boom and Computer Guy had outdone himself once again with the invention of "black people music" and "dank weed", which birthed the new holiday, Computer Guy Day, which is held annually on April 20th. The world was a new and reborn place where people smoked kelly kush everyday; however, the dank weed had it's adverse effects on a particular person. This person, Obama Bin Laden, was very weak and could not even hold the smoke for 10 minutes before passing out. As he tried and tried to hold the smoke, his brain grew increasingly damaged until he finally obtained what is known as "Trippy". Bin Laden, under the influence of God's Greens, hijacked an airplane and planned to drive it into Computer Guy's Twin Bitcoin Mining Towers, which would lead to the destruction of millions of GPU's. Hearing of Bin Laden's devious plot, Computer Guy hacked the plane and steered it off course, and into Arctic Ocean, just barely stopping the would be tragedy on September 11th, 2001. The mayor of Peru acknowledged Computer Guy's Heroic feats and proposed to create a new national holiday. This holiday was later named Christmas and has been celebrated across the globe every September 11th. As for Bin Laden, he was exiled into Cuba, where he remains to this day, guarded by Tupac Shakur, in secrecy.
Another year had passed and Computer Guy was walking home from Juicy J's mansion, after celebrating Christmas, when he received an email. In that email was a link to steemcomnimity. After logging in to the website and downloading the steemjaurd.exe file and running it, a divine light shone from the clouds and Computer Guy's body instantly evaporated as he descended past god-hood and into Computer Guy-hood.
To this day, ever since Computer Guy had ascended to the heavens, he had constantly watched over his faithful, devoted followers and granted their wishes when they were in dire need. He also smited many non-believers, such as Mayonnaise man and ended his tyranny on earth. There are millions of churches across the globe dedicated to the teaching of Computer Guy, and everybody is welcome to join and praise Computer Guy.
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