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The Ten Commandments for an ICO/ITO issuer

Anyone who came up with some brilliant idea and already tried to find funds for it, knows how difficult is to attract investors. Bank interest and the collateral requirements are able to strangle any good business at the root ... And the red tape with the preparation of a business plan (satisfying the high demands of bankers) and collecting of a heap of other papers may knock any businessman out. Therefore, there has always been a demand for more affordable and less formal sources of financing.
Fortunately, a universal law works even here: if there is a demand, there will be a supply. Moreover, thanks to IT-achievements of recent years (blockchain technology) and the existence of the Internet itself, it is now easy enough to find investors in any corner of the globe. It remains only to find out how to do it ...
There are special Internet platforms to launch projects requiring funding. It is possible to raise money by means of the so-called ICO or ITO (Initial Coin Offering, also known as Initial Token Offering, which resembles the issue of shares and placing them with public). Advanced readers have already realized this looks like "crowdfunding". It is obtaining funds for the implementation of a project from strangers, who invest their money and plan to receive profit in the future.
According to Google Analytics, in any region there are users purposefully looking for any opportunity to invest their "extra money" this way: the number of web search queries to buy a token reaches hundreds of thousands, the ICO project - some dozens of thousands, pre ICO - tens of thousands.
In any case if your main target group is experienced investors, who are "in the subject" not for the first year and investing in tokens is familiar to them too, the number of your potential clients is measured by dozens of thousands! And these are not hollow words! There were precedents in the history of ICO when some of the most desired tokens earned hundreds of millions dollars in a matter of hours (for example, Bancor - 153 million dollars for 3 hours)…
Now we are coming to the point how anyone can launch an ICO project. The first way is to use outsourced experts. However, the budget to hire them varies from 200 to 500 thousand dollars. The second way is to conduct an ICO campaign on your own.
Let's try to describe the process of launching an ICO issue from A to Z in more or less simple words and in 10 stages only.
  1. Determine your target group. It is necessary to speak the same language as your target group. For example, it is one thing, if you implement an abstruse IT project, and completely different if you are going to produce an electric meat grinder with control via a smart-phone and with the function of simultaneous hair drying (with mandatory use of blockchain technology), which will save housewives many hours of life… :-D Besides it helps to decrease the costs of advertising and PR campaign.
  2. Create a project technical justification in a written form. Most entrepreneurs have all business ideas in their brains and often do not have the time or desire to put them in writing ... You need to describe your idea in such a way that it is understandable not only to you. Write all the documents in a language that your potential investors understand!
2.1 First of all, write your own White Paper, a kind of a business plan that explains the main financial, technological, commercial aspects of your project. It is easier to perceive the White Paper if it contains info-graphics, rather than boring long paragraphs and extensive tables. Specialists in ICO promotion consider that your potential customers (read investors) will want to know: - what kind of product (or service) you will produce and what are its advantages over competitors, what tasks of a particular person your product/service will solve; - for some people the human factor is very important: the honest eyes of your company CEOs in the photos, their experience, personal qualities ... - who are the advisers and outsourced experts of the project - their authority is sometimes decisive for its success;
2.2. Work out the conditions for investors (you can put them down in the "Terms & Conditions" section of your WP): - indicate the start and the end of your ICO campaign (exact dates and countdown on your site); - for what currency people can buy your tokens; - are funds taken from US citizens and some other countries that have legislative restrictions on the sale of tokens and crypto-currencies circulation? - how the cost of tokens will grow over time/at different stages of project implementation; - how will your company's capitalization grow over time/at different stages of project implementation; - how an investor can get his money back and how contractual disputes will be arbitrated; - listing on ICO-trackers and exchanges and its terms; - limit the maximum amount of fund raising (so people can see that you are not greedy in pursuit of their money, but have clear plans for a certain amount of money, it is necessary for successful implementation of your project - the fate of unsold tokens (the destruction of those leads to the price increase of the tokens in investors’ wallets and they will be happy to know it ... :) The volume of these "White Pages" varies from several pages in the literary sense of the word to a thick brochure, which can be called a full-fledged "White Book"! It is absolutely clear that a normal person will not read more than 2-3-5 pages, but everybody’s knowledge is: the thicker the document - the more confidence in the project!
2.3. When communicating with people you will necessarily work out a whole FAQ section - it is also very useful for your site. All information must be translated into the languages of your potential investors - if your look through some ICO-project sites you will see they have varieties in 5-6 languages
  1. It is necessary to create a special site for your ICO-project despite the fact that your company already has got a site of its own. Your web designer must be familiar with the general tips of visual composition and style of such sites, otherwise your site can cause rejection from regular investors who are accustomed to the specific interface and functionality of ICO-projects’ sites. It's impossible to cope here without professionals who know site architecture and are able to protect your site from viruses, crash in the case of DOS attack or just a one-time inflow of millions of famished investors ... It is highly recommended to make a personal investor’s account for every investor on your site.
  2. First of all, you should promote your project site and the very idea of your ICO on special platforms, for example, in the section "Alternative currencies" of the "BitCoinTalk" forum https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?board=159.0 It is necessary to think over how to create a hype around the project otherwise it will simply get lost among many hundreds of its guild fellows ...
  3. It’s high time to organize the team, since you’ve already got convinced: it is impossible "to grasp the immensity" even together with your friends or co-founders of the company. Your mutual competencies are not enough for it, besides you have only 24 hours a day. Perhaps, after reading the previous four points, you have already got sure that you need to start from the fifth one ...
  4. Register a separate company for your ICO project! Often it will have to be done outside your country. First of all study the recommendations of professionals on this issue, as the legislation of different countries concerning cryptocurrency is changing rapidly, plus you may have your own personal reasons for choosing this or that jurisdiction. A certain part of ICO-issuers preferred to register their company in the UK, someone in the United States, the Top-10 jurisdiction hit parade also includes Cyprus, Estonia, Singapore, Belize, Isle of Man ...
  5. Constantly communicate with your target audience through social media:
  6. Facebook
  7. Twitter
  8. Telegram
  9. Reddit
  10. Linkedin
  11. Medium
  12. Instagram
  13. And of course use blog on your website! It is necessary to monitor and moderate all these channels every day - as sometimes inadequate personalities can write stupid comments, besides scammers can place phishing references in your topics!
  14. Launch your advertising campaign in ICO-trackers and specialized media. In addition to educating your audience in social media, you can also use channels such as ICO-trackers (sites that track and systematize information on the release of ICO), but some of them require a budget of 1 to 30 thousand dollars ... You can found good reviews of these trackers in the Internet. List of ICO-trackers (listing free/payable):
https://www.coinschedule.com (0.1 BTC, Platinum (top of the list) - 5 BTC per month)
https://www.coingecko.com/en (Top of the list - 2000$ per week)
https://www.numizmo.com (Free)
https://www.tokentops.com (From 1 to 4 ETH, depends on your service plan)
http://icodaily.net/ (1.5 ETH per week)
https://icobazaar.com (1 ETH)
https://www.tokendata.io (From 0 to 5 ETH (depends on your service plan)
https://urbancrypto.com/ongoing-icos/ (150 $)
http://icochecker.com/ico-coming (From 0,3 to 2 BTC (depends on your service plan)
http://hubcoin.io/ico/ (Free)
http://www.coin-list.com/ (Free)
  1. For your ICO-campaign use all the sources of traffic and the techniques of promotion known to you. In fact, these are points 7 and 8, plus what you like personally - if only your target group is hanging out there too. In every way create and maintain a positive excitement (or hype in the best sense of the word) around your tokens:
  2. emphasize the fact that they are selling away like hot cakes,
  3. show how much their price will grow in the near future,
  4. what famous personalities have become advisers of the project… Of course, famous scientists, showbiz figures and other media persons are unlikely to say anything good about your project for free! If only they are not your close relatives…
  5. Issue the tokens at last! If in this pre-ICO fever you forget about it - it's not surprising! There are tested platforms for releasing tokens - Ethereum, Waves. You can find such services in the Internet as Create your own coin like Bitcoin with a few simple clicks (https://www.walletbuilders.com/ ) And of course go on with constant work on points 4, 7, 8, 9 plus permanent involvement of IT specialists and programmers - in case of malicious hackers change your wallet for money transfer to their own, as has already happened in the history of ICO, e. g. https://vc.ru/25230-coindash-troubles And at last here comes the D-day – you ICO campaign successfully completed, the required amount of money collected ... The main thing - do not fly away with them, please, to some distant paradise islands! Start fulfilling promises given to your investors in your White and other papers! :-) There is a good English proverb - Honesty is the best policy, or as they put it in Russian - "Money hunger has ruined a sucker"! :-P In any case an extra plus to your karma for your honesty never hurts ... Author: Dickinson-junior.
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New GUIMiner (guiminer-20110701)

Link to forum
Download here
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Slush's pool, can anyone simplify the whole reward system?

Hi! I'm kinda new at mining bitcoins since I switched from BTC Guild to Slush's pool and the whole reward system got me confused a bit.
I'm using GUIMiner and I have about an average of 570Mhash/s (Radeon 7970 GPU). I read through some threads on reddit and other forums on how does the whole pool work but I still don't understand it, I've been mining for the past two days and my Unconfirmed rewards are stuck on 0.00000919 BTC as well as my total reward. Meanwhile my confirmed rewards are still on 0. (http://imgur.com/xoLZ0Yb) The estimated reward changes obviously but my question is why am I not getting any confirmed rewards?
EDIT: Here's also a screenshot of my GUIMiner, please tell me if I have anything set up wrong - http://prntscr.com/2tusck
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Decentralized FLOSS Guild - 0.5 BTC prize for best logo

original post: https://forum.bitcoin.com/project-development/decentrlized-floss-guild-0-5-btc-prize-for-best-logo-t3998.html
The Decentralized FLOSS Guild is a proposed organization of free and open source content creators. Eventually, the guild will issue its own Bitcoin sidechain, run a payment network, arbitrate transaction disputes, and enforce contracts. That is all very grandiose and abstract, and those interested can read more. More importantly, right now, the guild needs a face.
De FLOSS founders were thinking that an appropriate and engaging logo would be Tux riding a honey badger and pointing the way. First, lets meet our mascots.
This is Tux, the Linux mascot.
Here is Tux being a gentlemen, for the annual GNU Ball.
Finally, we see Tux showing his true colors.
This is the honey badger.
Honey badger is famous for not caring about your petty problems.
Honey badger is the official mascot of Bitcoin.
The proposed Guildcoin is planned to be a sidechain using Bitcoin as a reserve currency. De FLOSS Guild's currency will be backed by Bitcoin, but the guild will provide material support and engage the broader FLOSS community.
The rules of this contest are as such:
  1. All submissions are to be posted in the forum.bitcoin.com thread and given a creative commons license. De FLOSS Guild will purchase the winning design for 0.5 BTC, and will maintain its CC license.
  2. All submissions are due within 24 hours from the time of the forum posting. (by Wed Dec 16, 2015 9:15 am UTC-5)
  3. The final decision will be made via vote by Guild members. Votes of non-guild members will be considered but not counted in the final decision.
This post will be updated to reflect contest updates. If there are questions or general discussion, we'll respond in the thread. Thanks, and good luck!
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BTC pool review 2020 - YouTube Btcfrm com - Bitcoin Türkiye Destek Forumu - YouTube CXMİNE NO SCAM !!! ROLL SCRIPT HACK FOR FREEBITCO IN!!! BTC guild issue crashing.

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BTC pool review 2020 - YouTube

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