Bitcoinx Relaunched ZipZap brings bitcoin buying to 20,000 ...

ZipZap adds 25k locations in UK and 240k locations in Russia for Bitcoin for Cash, beginning Jan. 2014

A spokes person of ZipZap announced last Saturday on the Bitcoin Expo in London that ZipZap is adding bitcoin to their business model. That means that from the second week of January 2014 there will be 25k small shops in UK that will hand out Bitcoin for Cash and 240k locations in Russia. Basically every small shop that is selling lottery tickets or doing money exchange will give out Bitcoins automatically because they are already connected with ZipZap.
He mentioned that briefly in the Q&A and didn't seem to realize that this is big news for the bitcoin community. I approached him later to make sure there was no misunderstanding and he confirmed it again.
I think that is a very important and big step towards mainstream acceptance and this news should spread. I dont understand why ZipZap doesn't announce that officially.
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ZipZap adds 25k locations in UK and 240k locations in Russia for Bitcoin and Litecoin for Cash

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ZipZap to Offer Cash-for-Bitcoin Service at 28,000 UK Locations

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Zipzap beginning: buy bitcoin and litecoin in 750.000 locations worldwide for cash

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ZipZap adds 25k locations in UK and 240k locations in Russia for Bitcoin for Cash. Could we ask to add litecoin...

In the blog article we can see the CEO talking about cryptocurrencies in general:
"With this new threshold, Venture Capitalists and other investors are now paying attention and funding companies in the crypto currency segment where Bitcoin is the largest player."
"it is only a matter of time before Bitcoin, or another alternative digital currency, will reach mainstream adoption status"
Also he was talking about 2 Bilion market cap for Bitcoins, and right now litecoin is already about one.
I thinks that uk and Russia litecoineis has somethind to say to Zipzap Inc
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ZipZap adds 25k locations in UK and 240k locations in Russia for Bitcoin for Cash

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ZipZap to Offer Cash-for-Bitcoin Service at 28,000 UK Locations

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CoinDesk - ZipZap to Offer Cash-for-Bitcoin Service at 28,000 UK Locations

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ZipZap to Offer Cash-for-Bitcoin Service at 28,000 UK Locations

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28,000 Places to buy Bitcoin for Cash in the UK - ZipZap

submitted by califreshed to Bitcoin [link] [comments] introduces bitcoin purchase at 28,000 agents throughout United Kingdom today
Bitcoin reseller announced that it is now accepting cash payments at thousands of locations throughout United Kingdom.
“We are excited to present the easiest and fastest way to buy bitcoins in United Kingdom” said Lasse Olesen, CEO of "When signing up at you can choose to buy Bitcoins with a cash deposit. We simply send a cash payment confirmation that you deliver to one of our many agents. Within minutes the cash payment is confirmed and the bitcoins will be in your wallet."
To provide this service, has partnered with ZipZap Inc. to manage the cash payment infrastructure.
In other words, offers UK residents a consistent way to get bitcoins using cash without dealing with international payments. “This is a key piece of infrastructure that allows Bitcoin to grow further in the UK,” said Olesen. Try it for yourself at
ABOUT BUYBITCOIN.SG is a website of DGT Pte Ltd, an international Bitcoin reseller based in Singapore. DGT consists of a team with years of experience in the digital currency exchange space. Founder and CEO Lasse Olesen is also known as the founder of trusted European Bitcoin reseller Bitcoin Nordic, which has been serving the European market since early 2012.
ZipZap, Inc. is the largest global cash payment network, enabling consumers to buy bitcoin with cash at over 28,000 payment center locations throughout the UK, with more territories coming soon. Founded in 2010, ZipZap is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with operations around the globe. For more information about ZipZap, visit
DGT Pte Ltd (, 1 North Bridge Road #03-23, High Street Centre, Singapore, 179094, E-mail: [email protected]
ZipZap Inc., San Francisco, California, E-mail: [email protected]
  1. Select a payment center
  2. Upload ID and fill in details
  3. After approval of ID you'll receive payment slip by e-mail
  4. Go to payment center and pay
Confirmed by ZipZap:
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Just me, or is it hard to buy Bitcoin with GBP??

Is there anywhere trustworthy to buy from a UK bank account? -also- Are there any reliable server-hosted Bitcoin wallets hosted out of the UK??
We need to get our act together! Thanks!
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So you're browsing the Silk Road, but still aren't sure how to go about getting your bitcoins. This will help.

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ZipZap - "aims to expand to the rest of the EU, Africa, Asia and the Middle East, eventually growing to offer its services at over two million locations across the world."
I only just noticed this in the above article about btc in UK locations for 2014.
This is incredibly important! Yet most people are focused on the daily price and speculation, this is the sort of movement which will make Bitcoin viable in the long run. It's services like this and BitcoinATM which will help btc become mainstream.
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Litecoin being added by ZipZap! Litecoin will be available over the counter to buy for cash in 25k UK locations and 240k Russian locations!

See the linked reddit comment:
This is a huge win for Litecoin as it's even harder to buy Litecoin with cash than Bitcoin.
To explain the comments:
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Bought some Bitcoin in a convenience store round the corner using cash

I got curious about the cheaper 'cash payment' option on Bittylicious, found out they go through ZipZap who are connected to PayZone, which has over 25k small shops in the UK signed up to it - the map on Bitty showed me there was a shop literally over the road from my nearest cash point, so signed up for 0.7 BTC for £135, printed out the barcode, went and got the cash out and handed them both over to the store owners, who had never come close to hearing about bitcoin, from what I could tell.
The 0.7 BTC was in my wallet by the time I got home.
Side question - is this the cheapest way to buy in UK?
Edit: related news post
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My horrible BitInstant/ZipZap/MoneyGram/7-Eleven experience

Here's my experience using BitInstant to get a VouchX code at 1:00am.
TL;DR: Undisclosed fees; lots of personal details; what should have taken 5 minutes took 45; apathetic 7-Eleven clerk couldn't take ownership of issues with his company's own shitty kiosk; BitInstant sends me the money in a form not quite as insecure as banknotes taped to a postcard.
It was a late Thursday night, dipping into early Friday. BitMe had a low bid price for BTC. With BitMe, I'd usually deposit at a Chase branch, but I expected the price to rise too much by the time I could make it to a branch and the BitMe guy could confirm my deposit. I anticipated a lot of people putting their Friday paychecks into Bitcoin, so I was in a rush to buy. For this reason, I decided to pay the premium of BitInstant.
The first disappointment with BitInstant was that in order to deposit at a MoneyGram terminal, I'd have to pay an additional $3.95 to another middleman called "ZipZap." The BitInstant site doesn't mention this extra fee on the main page, where the 3.99% commission amount is quoted. The earliest point in time that I could learn the amount of the $3.95 extra fee was after I filled in order information (including my name and date of birth) on BitInstant, was taken to ZipZap, filled in my phone number, selected a MoneyGram location, and then finally downloaded the payment slip.
ZipZap sent me an e-mail, but their mail servers weren't configured correctly, so I never got it. My e-mail server logs show:
Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: connect from[] Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from ...[]: 504 5.5.2 : ... Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname; from= ... to= proto=ESMTP helo= Mar 8 03:20:16 ophelia postfix/smtpd[17694]: disconnect from[] 
ZipZap's web page says something to the effect of "anonymous payment." Later, at the MoneyGram location, I had to provide my name, phone number, and mailing address. (The address was never needed by BitInstant or ZipZap.)
I chose 7-Eleven store #18256 at 924 E. Empire Ave., Spokane, WA 99207 as the MoneyGram location, because 7-Eleven was the only local chain of MoneyGram locations open at that hour. Their MoneyGram solution was a Vcom kiosk. These multifunction kiosks, in addition to providing ATM and check services also act as MoneyGram terminals.
The first irk in the process was that the machine asked me to call a certain phone number for MoneyGram customer service, and no courtesy phone was provided on the machine. The store clerk didn't have a phone for me to use either. I wasted $1.26 on a 7 minute phone call from my by-the-minute phone (with plans optimized for texting, not voice). In 7 minutes, my name, address, phone number, "receive code" (a unique code for ZipZap), and payment amount was taken; it could have taken me no longer than 2 minutes for me to carefully enter and double-check this information on the terminal itself. I understand there is a market for customer service that delivers warm fuzzies, but this wasted my time and money and subjected me to a guy not from my continent who was difficult to hear over the connection.
Now it was time to deposit the money. The machine instructed me to insert one bill at a time, so I did. I was paying $385 in 20 banknotes. The machine would accept one banknote, give a message "not enough cash inserted," wait about 15 seconds, then show me the balance of how much money remains to be inserted. Well, of course not enough money was inserted, I don't have a $385 banknote and you told me to insert one at a time! I counted later to find that the machine processes banknotes at a rate of once every 20 seconds, so I spent over six minutes hand-feeding money into this machine, in front of a bored clerk at a slow 7-Eleven. I felt really bad for that guy, since he had store work to do and pretty much had to babysit me to make sure I wasn't going to walk off with anything.
Finally, the last note! Okay, it's doing .. something, and ... "this transaction could not be completed at this time." [Paraphrased, but no specific reason was given.] The machine then took a couple minutes to return my money, this time in the form of 16 banknotes. At least all my money was accounted for, but what gives?
The clerk tried to convince me that the machine doesn't work, and suggested I try calling whoever I'm trying to pay at 8:00am, start of business. I explained to him that this payment is time sensitive, that's why I'm doing this in the middle of the night.
Finally, it dawned on me that I never gave my "account number," a unique identifying code for the ZipZap transaction, to the MoneyGram phone agent. But he did ask for my phone number twice! I must have misheard him. Drat. I let the clerk know what my mistake was, but he tried his hardest to convince me that the machine didn't work as intended and suggested I try another 7-Eleven that was about an hour and a half on foot for me. I declined and told him I'd use the payphone to reach MoneyGram this time.
Back from another 5-10 call, I come into the store to find a note taped over the machine's screen, "out of order." The clerk is at this point telling me with matter-of-fact authority in his voice that the machine won't do what I want, and that it's out of service for everything but ATM and MoneyGram transactions. (Even after I tried several times to explain, he wouldn't accept that I was in fact trying to do a MoneyGram transaction.) Even though I explained to him that this is a time-sensitive payment--that is why I'm up at 2:00 in the morning taking care of this business--and it will be a 45 minute walk home for nothing, he insists that I am not allowed to use the machine. He even explicitly told me that he has work to do and it's taken him too long keeping an eye on me. I plead with him and sympathize about how horribly slow these machines are, how it's not his fault, and finally get through to him to let me try one more time, the final persuasive argument being that the machine gave me my money in $100 notes this time, so it won't take so long. (I didn't let him know that only two notes were $100s, while the rest were in $20s and $1s, but it was still fewer notes.) He doesn't even have the courtesy to say "yes," "okay," "sure," or "just one more time;" he just peels off his because-I-can "out of order" sign off the machine and goes about his business without saying a word.
Seriously? What's the point of this fancy self-serve kiosk if I need to call some guy in the Indian subcontinent to set up the transaction? How many millions of dollars were poured into the design, implementation, and rollout of these good-for-nothing machines that take ages to accept your cash? And then to have some apathetic, underpaid store clerk tell me he's got better things to do than take responsibility for how slowly his company's proprietary, fancy e-commerce kiosks work? Remember, he intentionally mislead me earlier by telling me another 7-Eleven store has a similar machine that might work, and (as it turns out) flat-out lied in telling me the machine is simply out of order. Oh, and I'm paying $3.95 to ZipZap for this, most of which probably goes to the MoneyGram commission.
Wondering how many middle-men there were between my money and my Bitcoin, by the way? BitMe, AurumXchange (for VouchX), BitInstant, ZipZap, MoneyGram, CardTronics (current owners of the brilliant Vcom franchise of time-saving kiosks), and 7-Eleven. Holy wow, maybe $3.95 + 3.99% was a steal.
All said, I spent about 45 minutes in that store. For what should have been 5 minutes worth of business. Beyond the pale.
On the second attempt, my money went through, I got a receipt, and when I got home I got a neat code I could paste into BitMe to get some instant USD in there. But let's not forget the final blunder: BitInstant delivered a code worth $365 good-as-cash to me by regular, unencrypted e-mail. Stupid.
Now I'm fighting bidding bots on BitMe.
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Are there any updates on ZipZap in the UK and Russia?

Last year there was a big announcement with ZipZap opening up the Bitcoin landscape through allowing people to buy Bitcoin for cash in pretty much any offlicense across the country.
I am in the UK and would love to have an update on this!
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Buying Bitcoins in local shop using ZipZap - Review

Hi, crossposted from a reply in /Bitcoin
Having seen that ZipZap ( have re-enabled purchasing bitcoins through their service I decided to try them out, see how troublesome (or easy) the process was.
I used as they were giving away 0.1 to first user to try the service.
Process was as followed:
  1. Went to and chose my nearest payment center by entering my postcode. There were 6 locations within 1 mile of my house, I chose one at end of my road ~1minute away.
  2. Uploaded photo of my provisional driving license, they said it may take some time to approve.
  3. 9 mins later received email approval of account, and an attatched ZipZap payment slip. Printed this off to take to corner shop.
  4. Took to corner shop, guy scanned the barcode, gave him my £20. 5 seconds later he gave me the receipt: Along with my payment slip I took in -
  5. 4 minutes later the money showed up in my bitcoin account:
  6. Throughout the process there was a URL that was emailed to you to check the state of your order:
Couldn't be more impressed with the service start to finish, really easy and quick. Few thoughts - Markup wasn't as bad as I thought, it was a base £1 charge, then they tell you estimated price per BTC. At present the site states £341.82 GBP per BTC, going off bitstamp & google actual price is £334.39 per btc. Best price on localbitcoins is £335.42 so for the ease of not linking your bank account or having any SEPA bank fees etc I think this is a very good option.
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Did anybody else just see this posted? (And quickly deleted) Ziggap founder states all other Bitcoin companies are part of organized crime. Screenshot:

Hello /bitcoin,
The reason ZIGGAP is not currently up is because my competition has been selectively scamming me. You see the following organizations are all ran by the same group of organized crime and money launderers:
Dwolla (Was created just to ACH money through bitinstant before coinbase came about)
ZipZap (No I didn't know before I signed up with them)
TrustCash (Owned and operated by Arthur Britto, even though he has a standin listed as the company director. Arthur is the one who answers the phones with a different name, FYI)
And probably more.
I don't run that way. I have zero interest in laundering money. My competition however doesn't like that I wont play ball with them, and as a result they have been scamming me out of funding everywhere I go. I was told that if I didn't either 1) Give half my company to a member of this organization or 2) Close my doors that I was going to get sued or have funds taken from me.
I've been ramping back up to relaunch ZIGGAP and have been attempting to purchase Bitcoin for sale and have had it go wrong in mysterious ways every time I try. When I go to MtGox to buy their website goes down, when I try to create a company account the sign up page doesn't work. Low and behold when I use a different name it works fine. When I wire funds to BTC-E they hold the wire and ask for the same documentation over and over. I tried to withdrawal money from BTC-E and the withdrawal is just stuck on "pending" and the money is gone. When I tried to pay the loan on BTC-Jam the loan says it's not paid but the Bitcoin is gone. Celso is not responding. When I buy, there are massive selloffs.
You get the idea.
The simple process of trying to buy Bitcoin has resulted in over $20,000 of ZIGGAP's money being held in multiple locations with zero recourse for me since these locations are overseas. I've tried recalling wires just to have them denied. So I guess that's it. ZIGGAP is not coming back, not because I don't want to, but because I'm being shut out of Bitcoin and being scammed from over and over.
I'm out. Obviously people are going to make me into a scammer and doing everything they can to get the site shut down. I now do not have enough funds to continue operation. Thanks Bitcoin community! It's greatly appreciated. I never realized this was a just organized crime racket or I never would have participated in the first place. I thought this was about the next generation currency. Boy was I fucking wrong. I'm going to have to file bankruptcy now because of these people.
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BitInstant Service Sucks Enough for ME to make it MY 1st Post!

I get it. They got hacked cause the owner of the site didn't expect that BitCoins would get hit like it did with the sudden influx of publicity and couldn't keep up with demand. The guy/gal even didn't do a 2 part verification process and became the victim of a simple social engineering hack that strolled away with about $12,000(?) of the companies bankroll before they noticed and pulled the servers. I sympathize with them and hope everyone in the BitCoin community learned a valuable lesson in password safety.
I read on the BitInstant blog that they got the servers up and running and was even paying the value of BitCoins at the time of purchase. Gotta be honest and say I was relieved to hear the news. That was a move that I wasn't expecting, but was a true sign that they wanted to show respect and trust by taking an even larger amount out of there bankroll.
But why am I so pissed that I have to make my 1st Reddit post one trashing BitInstant right in the headline?
Customer service is not what they are good at. Nor are they good at following thru with what they say. I'm laid back and a go with the flow kinda guy. During week 2 I even asked if they still were hiring. I want them to be the good guys. I root for the underdogs and never want to kick a guy when he's down. However, my transaction was done right about the time that I deposited my $150 at my local ZipZap location after 3 weeks of watching and learning the good and the bad from people about ways to get coins. This was my 1st transaction into the BitCoin world. I've been told to rest assured toward the end of week one. Week two I sent 3 emails and made 1 phone call. Read the blog about how they were taking care of damage control with what I considered respectful and sympathetic to us BitInstant victims.
Yet, now it's week three. My emails have become more frequent, 3 this past weekend and all of them posted where I noticed they aimed there damage control mods. I'm not sure what to do now. I want to post nasty things, call them names and be all psychoticly emotional and yet, I'm also understanding of the mess they are in. I'm however NOT ok with ZERO response. I'm NOT ok with wasting MY time writing emails and watching my inbox for 3 weeks or hoping that that noise I just heard is going to really be them saying "hey, you got your funds. Told you not to worry! We're deeply sorry!!!".
I don't ever see that email obviously. I don't even get a reason why or letting me know they're still working on it and that they still haven't forgotten about me. I feel like i'm just an unnoticed blip they see scrolling thru the other countless emails that the others keep posting with the same issues.
Hi, Reddit :-) I just pop my posting cherry. I was hoping it would've been about something original and cheery :-(
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ZipZap and Bitcoin - they need to advertise more.

I'm interested in the option of converting cash through ZipZap, but what gets me is that I have never heard of ZipZap before visiting this subReddit.
So I looked at their site and found the Locate Your Payment Center section below (which I think should be above the fold of the page). I entered my zip code and was surprised to see several locations within just 2 miles of it. Most of them are in currency exchanges.
Their services are basically rubbing shoulders with Western Union and Money Gram. I believe ZipZap are dropping the ball on their advertising. I haven't seen a single TV commercial or print ad from them, and by offering bitcoin exchanges they could have much potential to get bigger.
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Eric Benz - ZipZap - The North American Bitcoin Conference Zip Zap Zop In Business Payzone Zip Zap Scanner Transaction Bitcoin for the masses - how to get Bitcoin in the hands of millions of people 6/24/14 - ZipZap is back, Robocoin brings Bitcoin to Italy ...

ZipZap' proprietary Currency Router technology enables us to efficiently transfer money using either traditional SWIFT banking rails OR global Blockchain currencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Alt. Coins, or ZED) whichever is cheaper and faster. ZipZap uses both SWIFT and Blockchain technology to safely, and quickly, transfer money. With both options available, we're able to automatically distinguish what ... Bitcoin is a distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. r/Bitcoin. log in sign up. User account menu. 280. ZipZap to Offer Cash-for-Bitcoin Service at 28,000 UK Locations. Close. 280. Posted by. u/EmBTC. 5 years ago. Archived. ZipZap to Offer Cash-for-Bitcoin Service at 28,000 UK ... The collaboration will allow ZipZap to resume its plans and bring in-person bitcoin buying to more than 20,000 retail locations in the U.K. It’s not clear when the network will actually launch, although the company had been deep into a seemingly successful pilot program when PayPoint withdrew their support. Should the relaunched ZipZap in-store buying bitcoin program prove successful, the ... ZipZap has resumed its in-store bitcoin offering, restoring service to 20,000 retail locations within the U.K. They had suspended their offering 3 months ago when its payment processor PayPoint required clarification on regulatory requirements in order to proceed with their support. ZipZap lets consumers purchase bitcoins with a variety of payment options, including physical cash. … ZipZap to Offer Cash-for-Bitcoin Service at 28,000 UK Locations UK residents will soon be able to walk into one of 28,000 shops across the nation and pay for bitcoins in cash, thanks to a new deal ...

[index] [40664] [8694] [27610] [5683] [27338] [30469] [15099] [20755] [29643] [37931]

Eric Benz - ZipZap - The North American Bitcoin Conference Global payment network ZipZap announced today that they are finally resuming digital currency transactions for t... What is NAMECOIN BITCOIN'S First Fork Test Scanning Stainless Steel BITCOIN WALLET view Why the block... - Becky Liggero talks to ZipZap's Eric Benz about their services and why ZipZap is the preferable method of payment in the online gamb... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Eric Benz, VP Global Business Development at Zipzap, speaking at The North American Bitcoin Conference.