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A way out: Bitcoin seen by banks & governments as a way to avert collapse?

Freegold, as put forth by FOFOA and predecessors, suggests that the euro was created as a way to leverage gold in a free market mechanism which would allow banks and governments to maintain existing infrastructure during a transition away from the USD hegemony.
While such a system would provide an escape from the financial world's current dilemma, control would remain largely in the hands of legacy lineage. If these old giants were to view cryptocurrencies as a potential alternative or complement to Freegold, there is the possibility that a massive shift in power will occur as those quickest to embrace Bitcoin and its ilk gain leverage over others.
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The Debtors and the Savers - Freegoldtube Ballena BITCOIN CAE 🚨PRECIO entre Capitulación y Compras ... FOFOA Very smart #My best payebo#Online Hidayatullah Silver Update 5/12/11 - FOFOA Part 1

Als größte Vermögenschance aller Zeiten bezeichnet Bestseller-Autor Marc Friedrich im Webinar von Finanzen 100 und FOCUS Online ausgerechnet Bitcoin. Einer der Gründe: Es handelt sich um das ... My initial reaction on reading the Bitcoin literature was that it was the perfect partner to Freegold as a MoE (and I see that FOFOA does not think that). During any transition to such a system, its value in terms of either gold or fiat will not be stable. That only matters if you try to use it also as SoV. The adopters who would make it viable would be online retailers, and if they wish ... r/Anarcho_Capitalism: Welcome to /r/Anarcho_Capitalism, a place to discuss free market capitalist anarchism and related topics, and share things … I don't know much about Bitcoin, but I found this thread absolutely riveting. ... The difference here is clear- for FOFOA the money supply needs to be able to react to the demand on money freely. The changing of a money supply (be it in volume or velocity) is important for the efficiency of an economy. This does not mean that expanding or contracting causes more economic growth, but that it ... 352 Kostenlose Fotos zum Thema Bitcoin. 363 352 48. Bitcoin Kryptowährung. 93 101 6. Bitcoin Geld Dezentral. 51 53 3. Bitcoin Geld Dezentral. 3 4 0. Bitcoin Glasmurmeln. 2 4 0. Drei Bitcoin Bitcoin. 85 76 11. Bitcoin Kryptowährung. 45 30 6. Bitcoin Dollar. 56 50 15. Bitcoin Kryptowährung. 4 2 0. Orange Bitcoin Steine. 2 4 1. Mehrere Bitcoin Bitcoin. 0 2 0. Bitcoin Bull Münzen. 2 3 0. Gold ...

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The Debtors and the Savers - Freegoldtube

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